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Flow Inwards*

Timedate16 from Tuesday, October 2, 2018 15:30 to Wednesday, December 26, 2018 19:00

Venue16 Thrive, Sinn el Fil, Lebanon


Type Price ihjoz fees* Quantity
Flow Inwards Program $900.00 $26.07

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Achkar Bldg, Gebran Khalil Gebran
Sinn el Fil, Lebanon


Maten, Sinn el Fil, Horsh Tabet Area, 200 Meters after Horsh Tabet Garden, Gebran Khalil Gebran Street, Horsh Tabet Pharmacy building, same building first floor.
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* An inside-out approach to Emotional Intelligence

Are you:

A businessperson?

A wife?

A husband?

A girlfriend?

A boyfriend?

A mother?

A father?

A free spirit?

Or simply someone who wants to learn how to flow with their emotions to be more connected, happier and purposeful?

How many times did you postpone an action or a decision?

Do you sometimes react in ways you wish you hadn’t or not taken action at all?

Do you want to create deeper connections with people?

If you would like to connect with your emotions, process them mindfully, make more purposeful choices; know this program is for you.

In this program, you will learn to dive inwards to become more aware of your own emotions, to become friends with them and accept them. You will develop the essential skills to know how to benefit from simmering feelings, make more purposeful decisions to respond rather than react.

You will discover and practice internationally researched methods and tools that will help you at home, with your partners, in the workplace and in your communities.

Imagine a scenario where you are happy about your relationship, at work and in your community. How would that look like? What would you be thinking? How would you be feeling? What small actions would you be taking?

How amazing would it be to know that the solutions lie within you and that after this program you will be able to dive in and extract the tools you want when you need to?

We’ve been raised to silence our emotions for fear of appearing weak. No matter our background or where we have reached, we have not been taught or shown that it’s ok to feel and be more connected to our emotions and ultimately to others. Everyone seems to know what’s best for us and we choose to listen to external advice and ignore our inner voice.

You will be learning a practical approach to Emotional Intelligence (EI). What is (EI)?

The simplest definition of EI is “being smarter with feelings”.

Main takeaways from this program that will allow you to be more open and effective with your emotions:

−Find out your Brain preference Profile and Brain Talents;

−Discover your strengths and opportunities;

−Learn about the 8 competencies of Emotional Intelligence;

−Identify your hidden emotions;

−Appreciate a deep mix of emotions when they first appear;

−Recognize your emotional triggers;

−Spot and learn to break reactive patterns;

−Acknowledge that emotions can help you fall or thrive;

−Receive guidance on how to navigate your emotions;

−Develop compassion and empathy;

−Make purposeful decisions;

−Gain personal direction;

−Enjoy the process

“When we have the curiosity to understand ourselves and others, we can see each others’ hearts and our light shines through.” Maya Barghout

Join Maia Barghout to dive into the enigmatic world of emotion.

Are you ready to break limiting patterns and thrive?

What if you just let your emotions flow?



A combination of experts from different backgrounds with a common mission. Our aim is to help, guide, coach, consult you to become the ultimate version of yourself by unleashing your full potential on a Mental, Physical, & Spiritual level.

Thrive is your coaching space towards self-realization.Our holistic approach is a life-changing experience assisting you to grow into your best. We are here to boost your mind, body and career through our tailored packages.Thrive center is the only place that assembles this wide range of services and combines them to present to you a multidisciplinary approach to self development and assistance:

- Life/Career Coaching 

- Relationship Coaching 

- Executive and leadership Coaching

- Therapy & Consultancy services 

- Manual Therapy and acupuncture services

- Energetic and healing services

- Nutrition Services with a twist

- Personal Development Seminars, Workshops and Trainings.

Having your best interest in mind and at the heart of our work, our Competent Experts' mission is to present to you the best combination of services.

For more information; do not hesitate to call us on 71/07 04 05 or check our facebook page: thrivecenterlb

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