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حفل عشاء ساهر

Timedate16 from Saturday, December 22, 2018 21:00 to Sunday, December 23, 2018 02:00


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حفل عشاء ساهر $30.00 $1.93

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بمناسبة الأعياد المجيدة تُقيم

Wild Explorers Lebanon

حفل عشاء ساهر

وذلك نهار السبت في ٢٢ كانون الأول ٢٠١٨

الساعة التاسعة مساءً

في مطعم الفانوس عاليه - الشارع العام

كل عام وأنتم بخير

سعر البطاقة: ٣٠$ تشمل: عشاء فاخر + Open Soft Drinks + برنامج فني ساهر

Stay Wild And Never Stop Exploring

Wild Explorers Lebanon



Wild Explorers Lebanon

Lebanon is filled with famous landmarks and attractions. But if you look closer, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Join our exclusive tours to explore these treasures in the country that defied expectation and logic, the country that made no “damn sense at all, in the best possible way.” 

We aim to share our commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism through creating a unique blend of cultural, historical, environmental, religious, nature, sports and adventure tours.  

We contribute in the promotion of ecotourism and rural tourism showing the biodiversity and rich heritage of Authentic Lebanon. We target remote villages, historical sites, relics, rural sites, guest houses, camping sites, traditional foods, organic meals, handcrafts, farms and vineyards in our Private and Public trips that will inspire you to STAY WILD AND NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

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