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Share your Festivities, Feed a Family

Timedate16 Saturday, December 8, 2018 from 19:30 to 23:55

Venue16 Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand, Horsh Tabet, Lebanon


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Regular Rate $150.00 $5.26
Student Rate $100.00 $3.87

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Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand

Ground Floor, Charles de Gaulle
Horsh Tabet, Lebanon
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A different Christmas, a Merrier Christmas.

A lot of Lebanese Families have nothing to eat. With the ongoing economic turmoils, a major part of Lebanon is drowning in a sea of misery. As per the Ministry of Social Affairs, more than 45.000 families are below the poverty line, they live with less than 5.4 USD/family per day.

As Lebanese society, we cannot stand still and not do anything about it. We should take the lead and help.

Charity Donation Foundation no. 2564  invites you to “Share your Festivities, Feed a Family” Gala dinner, on Saturday December 8th, at Hilton Habtoor. In this big event everyone attending will feed a family.

MTV is covering this exceptional event. Just Perfect Agency will organise the whole event. Diageo along with Abou Alwan Trading will offer the beverage. Gaelle Sassine Production house will showcase our mission in a movie. Souffle D’Art will indulge every guest with its chocolate. Bilal Dahouk and his band will entertain everyone with their lively performed Arabic songs. Fleur de Lys will offer the ceremony cake. Beiruting, Focus, Facelook, The Agenda Beirut and, Lebanese Memes will help in spreading the awareness. Fitness Zone, L’Oréal, Tefal, Chateau Khoury, Léoninette and, many more will grant gifts. While, Imad Abi Haila will be the master of ceremony.

Jad Choueiry, Maritta Hallani, Paola El Sett, Bouba and many more influencers and entertainment moguls will be supporting the cause with their presence.

MPs, Ministers, Ambassadors and elite persons will be attending to be a helping hand.

Be part of this loop of giving, let us change the situation.

Tickets are sold for 150 USD, student rate is 100 USD.


Charity Donation

A Registered NGO, Non-Governmental Organization at the Ministry of Interior at the Lebanese Government.

With only two and a half years of heartfelt work, this NGO was extensively known in the local community, to the national scale and was invited to international communities to share experiences of excellence and success.

Awarded three times for distinctive Humanitarian works, twice by the Lions International Clubs, and once from a local community. The President and Founder of Charity Donation, was nominated as Goodwill ambassador for two successive years in 2015 and 2016.

Reputation for qualitative achievements with extensive experience in Underprivileged Guidance and Support Management. Specialized in shedding lights on underprivileged problems by applying a practical data-driven methodology based on corporate culture and talent management.

Just after one year of social activity, Charity Donation turned into the international scale to share ideas and experiences about young Entrepreneurs, Women Empowerment, Startups, and Social Activism.

Charity Donation’s long-term aim is to provide services, which enhance the lives of others in the local and international community, in a way where everyone is viewed as a member of one big family.

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