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Social Media Marketing Workshop

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Lancaster Suites, Beirut, Lebanon


Lancaster Suites

Lancaster Suites, Andalous Street, Raouche
Beirut, Lebanon


Raouche Beirut, Andalous Street, the first right afte Lancaster Plaza Hotel, Facing Burger King Raouche
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Are you interested in social media? Would you like to explore the power of marketing on social media? Are you keen to leverage the different social platforms for your own business? The golden opportunity is right here!

A 2-day workshop is designed carefully to deliver an end to end social media marketing from the simple basics to the more advanced stages of social media monitoring and insight. We'll show you why & how social media is massively powerful.

Led by one of our Social Media experts, both sessions take a highly engaging & interactive approach.

This two-day social media marketing workshop will provide you with all the tools and skills you need to build upon your existing social media knowledge and achieve successful results, using the latest statistics, examples and case studies from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. We talk in simple, plain language and have carefully designed the course for anyone already using social media who is interested in developing a more in-depth understanding of advanced social media marketing strategy to enhance and grow their business.

Below are more details into the agenda of each day:

Day 1 (Saturday, 18 March 2017):

Social Media Marketing Introduction

    • Define social media and explain why it matters
    • Explain The social media lifecycle
    • Define your objectives
    • Identify the right platform for you
    • What Content Should I Share on Social Media?
    • Social Media Management Tools: How to Cut Posting Time in Half!


    • Define your objective
    • Create a Facebook Page
    • Optimize your Facebook Page Images
    • Optimize your Facebook Page Settings
    • Types of Facebook Ads - IN DEPTH ANALYSIS
    • Implement Best Practices
      • Tips for writing a great ad
      • How to choose an effective image for your ad
      • How to improve the performance of your ads
      • Key Facebook ad policies
    • How to do A/B Split Testing
    • Do you want $0.01 Facebook Page Likes/Clicks?
    • Create a Custom Audience on Facebook Ads
    • Create a Lookalike Audience on Facebook Ads
    • How to Install A Facebook Pixel on a Website
    • How to create advertising reports
    • How to schedule advertising reports
    • Understand your success metrics
    • View your billing summary
    • Review Facebook analytics


    • Why Instagram and How to Get Started!
    • Optimize your Instagram Bio & Profile Image
    • What are Instagram Captions & Hashtags
    • How to Increase your Instagram Followers & Exposure
    • Top Ways to Convert Instagram Followers to Sales & Leads
    • How to use Instagram Stories & latest updates
    • Create Instagram Ads via Facebook
    • Review Instagram Analytics

Day 2 (Saturday, 25 March 2017)


    • The Twitter Basics & Optimizing your Twitter
    • What to Tweet & How to Interact on Twitter
    • Define Twitter Hashtags & Trends
    • How to Set up a Twitter Ads Account & Types of Twitter Ads
    • What is Twitter Audience Manager & How to Install Universal Tag
    • What is Twitter Conversion Tracking & Remarketing
    • What are the Twitter Ads Objectives and Options
    • Review Twitter Reporting & Analytics
    • Twitter Additional tools and Scheduling


    • Build and Optimize your YouTube Account
    • Optimize your YouTube Videos
    • Define Steps for YouTube SEO & YouTube Channel Mastery
    • How to setup paid YouTube Video Ads via Google Adwords
    • Review YouTube Reports & Analytics
    • Monetize your channel to earn money


    • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for Sales
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • Create your LinkedIn Business Page
    • Create your LinkedIn Ads

How to protect your business on social media

    • How to create a social media policy
    • How to set up a crisis response plan
    • How to deal with negative comments

About the Trainer

Our Trainer is a consultant, speaker, and expert in the field of Digital & Social Media Marketing. He worked as the Digital Marketing Strategist for several companies including USEK University, Zaarour Club, Star Academy and tens of others in different industries. He manages the complete Digital Marketing Strategies including: Online Advertising, Mobile Marketing and Social Media advertising of several platforms. As a trainer, he has developed and delivered workshops to corporations in the areas of: Facebook advertising, SEO, SEM, Online PR, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Online Personal Branding and LinkedIn Sales. Our Trainer possesses leading certifications, such as: Facebook for Business Right Service, HootSuite Certified Professional, EduPristine Digital Marketing Certification, and many more

Booking Information

  • Date: Saturday 18th and 25th of March, 2017
  • Time: From 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM
  • Location: Lancaster Suites, Rouche, Beriut
  • Price (including open buffet lunch and two coffee breaks):
    • ONE session (Day 1 OR Day 2): 200$
    • BOTH sessions (Day 1 AND Day 2): 350$
  • Get Tickets: Please book your tickets through Ihjoz in the section below
  • Certificate of attendance: Every attendee receives a certificate of attendance
  • Cancellation Policy:
    • Tickets will be 100% refunded if cancelled more than two weeks before workshop date
    • Tickets will be 50% refunded if cancelled between 1 and 2 weeks before workshop date
    • No refunding if tickets are cancelled less than one week before workshop date

For more information:

    • email:
    • Mobile:76730731



Adaptous provides practical workshops in business and technology. Adaptous shares the belief that working professionals and students need not only to grasp knowledge, but also live the relevant experience.

We provide practical workshops in the fields of Information Technology, Management, and Telecommunications.

Three values constitute the core of our business:

1. Integrity: What we do, we truly do
2. Customer Passion: commitment in heart and mind
3. Innovation: embracing new effective tools

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