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How to Start 2019 with Amazing positive Energy?

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 The Smallville Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon


The Smallville Hotel

The smallville, Damascus Road
Beirut, Lebanon
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Your Energy is like a Roller coaster ,it goes UP and down,and It shows before you even SPEAK!

This Inspiring Workshop is a GREAT opportunity to learn ,increase your Awareness,ignite your soul ,fires you up,boost your energy, and connect you with like minded people.


  •  WHAT is Human Energy?
  • WHAT are the types and different Levels of   energy?
  • WHY understanding YOUR ENERGY is Essential on your Well being?
  • HOW you can shift your energy in order to SERVE your goal and create a "NEW YOU"!
  • HOW to shift from "WHY ME?" to "WHY NOT ME?"

About The Speaker:

Zeina Darwich   is a  certified Life Energy Coach , Master practitioner in Energy Leadership Index (ELI), 

Cor.e Leadership & Transition dynamic specialist (CLD,CTD), Member in The International Coaching Federation (ICF) in the US,

Motivational Speaker  and the founder of "Inspire Your Core" for energy coaching where  she provides Individual /group coaching,Mentoring,workshops and Seminars.

Zeina works with people to assist them to access their unlimited potential,to feel unstoppable and to not only breath but to live a MEANINGFUL life where judgement is absent and Authenticity is present , in a CONFIDENTIAL, positive environment. 


Inspire Your Core

  Zeina Darwich is a certified Life Energy Coach,Master practioner of energy leadership index (ELI),Cor.e leadership & transition dynamic 

specialist, Founder of "Inspire Your Core" for Energy  coaching  and Member in the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in USA.

 She provides individual /group coaching ,mentoring ,workshop and seminar .Zeina work with people to access their unlimited potential,become UNSTOPPABLE, by not only breathing but  living a fulfilled Meaningfull life. By connecting to their core to find the answer of their questions in a Confidential ,positive environment where judgment is absent and Authenticity is present. 


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Instagram ; @inspireyourcore

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