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Qammouaa Ozor Forest

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Dear Wild Explorers,

Specialists insist that the forest of hairy/iron oaks is considered among the most beautiful forests. It stands at an altitude of 1,600 metres and is considered unique in its charm. It is named after  more than 4,000 hairy oaks/Iron Oaks and 100 varieties of wild flower. This particular tree is of outstanding interest. A square kilometre of hairy oak forest gives 600 tons of oxygen per year and absorbs more than 700 tons of carbon dioxide gas.





Level: Moderate

Duration: 3.5 hrs

Distance: 10 km



Wear comfortable clothes and SHOES SUITABLE FOR HIKING.

Bring with you a backpack, cap, sunglasses, Jacket, Umbrella.

Water and healthy snacks.

ID or Passport, Insurance Card (If available).

Positive energy and a smile :)



- 7:00 am Saida, Near Al Zaatari Mosque, Coastal Road.

7:15 am the bus will leave***

- 8:00 am Hadath, Karout Mall Outdoor Parking.

8:15 am the bus will leave***

Please be punctual***

- We can pick up people on our way.

- We will have a breakfast stop.



35,000 L.L.


- Transportation

- Guidance

- Photography

- First Aid Kit



- Early reservation is highly appreciated.

- Last minute cancellation will be charged half the price.

- You can send us the money from any OMT or Western Union point (Contact us for details)

- You can buy tickets online from ihjoz

- For reservation you can call us or send a message or whatsapp on:

70 333 970



We commit to share sustainable and responsible tourism.

Ecotourism rules and regulations must be respected.

Sometimes, due to reasons beyond our control, slight modifications to the program may occur.


Stay Wild And Never Stop Exploring


70 333 970


Wild Explorers Lebanon

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