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Sandy Chamoun and The Band at Zoukak

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Zoukak Studio, Beirut, Lebanon


Zoukak Studio

1st Floor, 506 Corniche de fleuve
Beirut, Lebanon


506 Corniche du fleuve, Saloumi Building 1st floor, Beirut, Lebanon
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Sandy Shamoun, Vocalist
Ahmed Khatib, Percussion 
Farah Kaddour, Buzuq 
Khaled Alaf, Oud 
Songs of Egyptian Reptwar: Sheikh Imam and Sayed Darwish..


Arab Short Film Festival

Arab Short Film Festival

Is an annual event that aims to create a space to display the cinematic achievements of young filmmakers from Lebanon and the Arab World.

During the Festival, the film audience meets with young talents who come from different backgrounds in a panel of film screenings and discussions which offer the young participants the opportunity to express their skills and showcase their experiences in the short film industry.

Besides film screenings, the festival’s activities include
free of charge workshops, technical meetings,a musical concert, and honoring notable Arab figures ceremonies.

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