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Public Speaking - Level 2

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Bubleik, Badaro, Lebanon



4916 bldg, 5th floor, museum street
Badaro, Lebanon
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Public Speaking - Level 2

After you have learned the secrets and started applying them

Now is the time to master the skills, to develop your own style and to be of the best!

By the end of these sessions you will be able to:

  • Master the secrets of a powerful speech
  • Master speech engineering
  • Learn how to Inspire and motivate your audience  
  • Develop your own humor style to energize your speech
  • Master your voice tone
  • Enhance your body language to connect with your audience
  • Find and write your personal story (the one you have to tell to the world)
  • Develop Your unique style of speaking

Why 4 sessions and not just 1?

It is a training course over a period of 4 weeks, two hours once  per week, because:

  • It is a self development "Mental Gymnastic" course : if you know all the exercises but you don’t practice you will never be in shape
  • It takes time to improve your behavior and habits,so we are giving you the time
  • They say practice makes perfect, we believe that being a member of a focused practicing team makes miracles
  • In your free time in the evening, take the opportunity to change your life
  • We are not selling a product, we will not treat you as a customer, we will build an atmosphere of experimental learning where we will grow together as a family
  • Other workshops tell you the secret and  show you the map, we will do the same, but in addition, we will go the journey together until you reach your treasure
  • You will enjoy a training course on the subject you want over a period of 4 weeks, and pay less than the market price for only one day of training.



We Seek to have a L.I.F.E
of Liberty, Inspiration, Fruitfulness and Enjoyment,
and We want to pass our knowledge and experience on to YOU...

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