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Newest Trend in Motivating Employees (Team Spirit)

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 El Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training , Beirut, Lebanon


El Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training

Spears Bldg, 2nd floor, Phoenicia Street
Beirut, Lebanon


Phoenicia Street, Ain El Mreisseh, Spears Bldg, 2nd Floor, Beirut, Lebanon
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Workshop: Newest Trend in Motivating Employees (Team Spirit)


Workshop Description: This workshop aims at strengthening the motivational and excitement level of the employees. The more employees feel inspired and motivated, the more of their ultimate effort is given at work. This creates interdependent individuals working as a team to reach a certain goal. Motivating employees plays an enormous role creating the right working environment for business growth, for staff development, and for higher income. The goal of this workshop is to introduce you to the newest trend in motivation employees to boost their motivation and effort to enhance business productivity. 


  • To acquire new motivational methods
  • To apply the concept of teamwork at the workplace
  • To implement the right type of incentives for employees
  • To enhance productivity within the workplace


Managers, Employers / Employees, Bosses, Business men, Principles, Teachers, High school and University Students,  

*Certificates of Achievement will be provided.


El-Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training

El- Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training is incessantly alert to professional developments in the Education Sector as well as in the Business workforce.

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