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Unleash the Power Of Who You Are

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 FABRIKA, Beirut, Lebanon



FABRIKA, Ashrafieh
Beirut, Lebanon


FABRIKA, facing St. George Towers, Ashrafieh.
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Unleash the Power of Who You Are is a dynamic and transformational learning experience that empowers you to understand yourself and what you want to do with your life. We will help you uncover your possibilities and unlock your potential, elevating your awareness of who you are and who you want to become in your life. This awareness will increase your sense of responsibility and control over your thoughts, actions and behavior, creating more happiness and success in your life. You will be able to develop your personal vision and acquire the skills and tools to set goals in the seven areas of your life, build momentum and take action to materialize your purpose.

About the Trainers:

Ramzi Abou Ismail

Ramzi is responsible for strategically leading and executing The Catalyst. He is a transformational coach, speaker, business consultant and organizational behavior expert.

Ramzi imparts wisdom that can be immediately used and applied to help you take steps to live your best life. He provides practical and proved tools, skills and techniques to help you transform your mindset and behavior, inspiring hope, action and growth in your personal life, career and business. He works with entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve more success and results by improving visions, cultures, strategies and processes.

Ramzi has coached numerous high profile individuals in the Middle East, focusing on business leaders and academics. He delivered various trainings, talks and professional and personal development workshops that have helped many develop greater success.

Ramzi has a BA in Law and a MA in Psychology with a focus on Organizational Behavior. He is also a Canfield  success trainer and coach certified by the great Jack Canfield himself. He lives out his teachings in every area of his life. He is engaging, quick to trust, and high-spirited. His passion, honesty and authenticity drive others to dream more, learn more and do the unthinkable. His motto is: Your life starts the day you understand why you are alive.

Samaya Mansour

Samaya is responsible for managing The Catalyst’s day to day activities and the execution of its vision, direction, and strategies. Samaya is also a research, training and consulting professional with experience across the education field. She works with clients to design added value solutions to issues in schools and other education institutions, facilitating capacity building and organizational development. She also works in the field of youth empowerment, helping young people realize their voice, perspective, agency and leadership. 

Samaya has a BA in Education and a post graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership from the American University of Beirut and a Master’s of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and School Improvement from the University of Cambridge. Samaya is motivated by an ambitious vision to make the world a better place through education. 


The Catalyst

By definition, catalysts are persons who precipitate a change or an event, they are the trigger and the induction causing a faster result. We are the inducers; we work closely with both individuals and organizations to meet goals, find purpose, build direction, increase productivity, set and enhance organization’s procedures and policies, develop and design an organization, improve skills, provide guidance and coach staff. Our team of professionals engages with our clients, our partners.

Our approach relies on combining research with our analysis of people’s thoughts, behaviors, and actions to help them progress. We observe, assess, recommend and enhance operations to achieve long-lasting end results. We are “The Catalysts”!

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