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Motivation and Public Speaking with Charisma

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What is Motivation and Public Speaking with Charisma about?

No matter how brilliant your thoughts and ideas are, unless you can convey your messages with clarity, and conviction they are lost. To call for and get action from people you need to understand what motivates the individual, the group, the organisation or the nation. 

This programme will provide you with the confidence and a step by step process to ensure success every time, whether your message be on a one-to-one basis or one-to-thousands. 

Why invest in this program

  • Do you need to present to persuade, influence and sell to Your Customers, Your Organisation or even Your Nation?
  • Would you like more confidence and charisma when you present? 
  • Do you want to master the skill that makes the difference in making the difference in your life?

If your answer to any of these is YES then, this programme for YOU.

What will you learn from this program?

  • To have a deep understanding of what motivates people 
  • To structure presentations so that they work one-to-one and one-to-many! 
  • To harness the butterflies so that they fly in formation! 
  • To attain and maintain the balanced presenter state and stance 
  • To build and maintain rapport with your audience
  • To use your physiology to maximise personal impact
  • To use your voice to bring colour, richness and excitement to your message
  • To structure language to make your presentations sparkle
  • How to motivate and call to action your audience 
  • Develop charisma and presence to be the leader that others would want to follow

Through this programme YOU will know how to do it, more importantly, believe YOU can do it, and most importantly of all YOU will be motivated to go out and do it. And have a sense that YOU are a magnificent presenter.

How is this program delivered

This is a three-day training programme. The style of training is highly practical and as you would expect highly interactive so that you can apply the learning immediately. The pace is high, feedback forthright and is delivered with a dash of fun 

What if? What are the possibilities?

  • Imagine captivating and motivating your audience….NOW!
  • Imagine creating an atmosphere where people hanging on every word you are saying...NOW


Mr. Robert Smith, Founder of Treacle Academy UK

You may read more about the academy and Mr. Robert on their website here.


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