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Rebirth: self-discover your true feminine energy

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Thrive, beirut, Lebanon



1st floor, Horsh tabet, Garden street, Ashkar bldg,
beirut, Lebanon

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"Rebirth" is a series of intimate circles of meditation, energy healing through reiki and love, body movement, oriental & belly dance as well as connection with our body and feminine energy.

The workshops are offered on Friday August 10 & Friday August 17 at 6:00 pm

Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts

Energetic contribution of 40$



Horsh tabet, Garden street, Ashkar bldg, 1st floor

Beirut, Lebanon


+961 71 07 04 05

+961 3 407 234

These workshops are offered for women

Intimate circle of maximum 10/12 women

Receive the energy of reiki, chakras alignment, learn to move your body with oriental dance and belly dancing, you will also leave with samples of essential oils

Tea will be offered at the end of the session

Please bring your yoga mats and cushions, should you need one, also your crystals, and a bottle of water to re-energize them

Wear comfortable clothing

In case of cancellation with less then 24 hours, payment is non-refundable.

*** ♥ The Host ♥ ***

Reina Hallab, a passionate, intuitive, caring and loving being.

She is a bundle of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and confidence and has such a thirst for life.

Her sensitivity to people's needs and insight into their potential is unmatched. She will guide you towards success in a gentle but determined manner.

Reina impresses people with her holistic approach to mindset. She is someone that walks the talk. She will show you how healthy eating benefits the body, mind and spirit, as well as is crucial to the welfare of our planet.

Reina follows her inspirational mantra:

"Life, is a delicious meal, prepared with organic ingredients, wrapped with love, and sent to you from the universe.

Before you open to taste, make sure to read the label.

It contains:

Pure love, freedom of being, respect to self, self-love, self-appreciation, worthiness, lots of happiness, full of positive moments, incredible synchronicities, and a strong intuition"

She orchestrate magnificently any event/ workshops she organizes, as she intuitively knows what each participant needs are and is able to encourage them to reach beyond their limiting beliefs and soar to new heights.

She is an intuitive healer & has Reiki Healing Energy Dregree, Master Level from Maître-Reiki Elen Tremblay & Level 1 Baraka Divine Healing Energy from Baraka Divine Healing Energy School

She is a passionate dancer, participated in many choreographies & acting schools in her youth, belly dance, contemporary dance, oriental dancing & others.

Acquired lots of knowledge from different schools of dance, such as Tango, Salsa, Meringue, Bachata, and others, as well as Meditation and Yoga Schools, in Canada and abroad.

She is also a public speaker, accomplishing her degree with L'ART DE LA CONFÉRENCE

She also has organized many events, workshops and conferences in the health and wellness, for the mind, body and spirit.

Founder of Raw Marketing, Event producer of Expo Pure Santé et Bien-Être - Pure Wellness Expo & Organizer of Self-discoveries retreats, such as Thrive Pure Life

A blog writer Raw Love Recipes by La Reina

and has her healing center Raw Healing in Montreal & Lebanon

Photo credit: Bassam Sabbagh Photography


Raw Marketing Inc

Raw Marketing Inc. is a business with a heart: we create opportunities for people to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle & build their flourishing future.

A full service event production firm representing & connecting clients in the plant-based, natural health & alternative medicine sectors as well as in the motivational & encouraging fields of self-realizations.

We build the bridge to connect experts with potential customers to collaborate, share & promote their healthy living products, expertise & bringing resourceful education for health life transformation.

Our values of Creativity, Reliability, Exploration, Accountability, Trust, & Energy, are the foundation of our full engagements in our projects & our point of difference in the market.

We love working with people we connect with. Giving back by paying forward & honoring non-profits is one way of keeping us in touch with our community.

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