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Oakenfest 2018

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Lehfed Country Club, Lehfed, Lebanon


Lehfed Country Club

Lehfed Country Club, lehfed country club
Lehfed, Lebanon

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Walk in tickets are still available at the venue

Oak. Camp. Music.


It’s our fifth anniversary and we want to celebrate with you!


We’ll keep it short (-ish) this time.

Live music, fresh air and outdoor activities in the oak thicket of Lehfed.


Amazing local talents.

Relaxation guaranteed//

Rebooting guaranteed//



Friday, July 20th – Sunday, July 22nd


Lehfed Country Club, Lehfed (basically in the woods of the middle of nowhere)

WHERE?!! 20-minutes up the mountain roads from Amchit.

-- A comprehensive instructional video will be posted soon.

-- Also, Google maps is your friend. ( )


Not excited yet? You should wait to see our lineup. Seriously, you have to wait (just a little while).


Age restriction:

18+ or adult supervision (alcohol on site)


At the door:



What to bring:

- Tent (if you already have one)//

- Mattresses//

- Jacket or sweater//

- Mosquito repellant//

- Camping equipment//



Available on the spot:

- Tent (in case you don’t have one) LIMITED AMOUNTS - FIRST COME FIRST SERVE//

- Food court offering various yummies for your tummies//

- Bar with a good selection of booze and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)//

- Pop-up library corner, with books for viewing or for sale//

- Toilets//

- Showers//

- Power sockets (for charging your phones).

All this and more, brought to you by Synck.

For more info call us on 03 32 42 02.


Can you smell the fresh air yet?


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In a world where technology has become so deeply integrated in our everyday lives, our virtual selves and their concrete counterparts live in a state of endosymbiosis; one cannot survive without the other. Following this concept, we have created Synck: a platform that serves as a linking point within and between the two aforementioned realities. Our main purpose is to initiate a social network that unites the two states of being by establishing a strong relationship between artists/art forms and their supporters, providing a new dimension within which sharing becomes possible both online and offline. We intend to promote a higher level of communication and interactivity between people, with each individual acting as a port through which information is constantly being transmitted and received. This will help us ensure that every individual gets to sort through the wide array of unsurfaced information available in search of what they are seeking.


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