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Understand & Heal *

Timedate16 from Friday, November 2, 2018 18:30 to Friday, December 21, 2018 21:00

Venue16 Thrive, Sin el Fil, Lebanon


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Achkar building, Gebran khalil gebran
Sin el Fil, Lebanon


Maten, Sin el Fil, Horsh Tabet Area, 200 Meters after Horsh Tabet Garden, Gebran Khalil Gebran Street, Horsh Tabet Pharmacy building, same building first floor.
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* A multidisciplinary approach to treat your ailment.

If you are someone or know someone suffering from insomnia, migraine and headaches, spine problems like low-back pain and neck pain, digestive and respiratory issues, impingement syndromes like sciatica, restless legs and others; THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU !!

The introductory session will provide you with enough information to understand your ailment/pain more, and will introduce a different way to treat it. Moreover, it will be introducing the full eight sessions program and how it will help you to heal inside out.

The eight-week program is divided into two big sections:

The first section will give you a better understanding of your being approaching different disciplines and treatment modalities. It is providing you self-help tips in manual therapy, Yoga, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, energy work and healing, and many more.

Finally, the second section will give you the chance to help yourself treat and manage the most common ailment.

As Plato Said: The part can never be well; unless the whole is well.

About our expert:  Mario Bou Assaf

Our expert is multidisciplinary by default. Started as a physical therapist graduated from the Lebanese University, He pursued his studies by expanding his understanding and opening up to different modalities and got his diploma in Chinese medicine and acupuncture from TUTCM - China in partnership with the USJ (Saint Joseph University) and had the opportunity to travel to China for a supplementary certification and traineeship. 

Then, Mario got trained and worked with renown osteopaths in Lebanon for 2 years and got the experience needed and was time for him to expand even more and open the door to deepening his know-how and expertise in the energetic world to understand and heal the body while taking the whole into consideration. 

After getting his certification as a hypnotherapist from the National Guild of Hypnosis - USA, and after multiple seminars and workshops and certifications in pranic healing, rebirthing and energy work and getting his certification as a yoga teacher from the National Federation of yoga teachers in France "Federation Nationale des Enseignants de Yoga" he joined the university again to get his bachelor degree in psychology.

Having his own clinic since 2014 and helping hundreds of people find their way out of pain and physical suffering, he created this program where all his expertise and knowledge are combined to give us a complete and multidisciplinary approach to healing yourself and your ailments.



A combination of experts from different backgrounds with a common mission. Our aim is to help, guide, coach, consult you to become the ultimate version of yourself by unleashing your full potential on a Mental, Physical, & Spiritual level.

Thrive is your coaching space towards self-realization.Our holistic approach is a life-changing experience assisting you to grow into your best. We are here to boost your mind, body and career through our tailored packages.Thrive center is the only place that assembles this wide range of services and combines them to present to you a multidisciplinary approach to self development and assistance:

- Life/Career Coaching 

- Relationship Coaching 

- Executive and leadership Coaching

- Therapy & Consultancy services 

- Manual Therapy and acupuncture services

- Energetic and healing services

- Nutrition Services with a twist

- Personal Development Seminars, Workshops and Trainings.

Having your best interest in mind and at the heart of our work, our Competent Experts' mission is to present to you the best combination of services.

For more information; do not hesitate to call us on 71/07 04 05 or check our facebook page: thrivecenterlb

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