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Finance: On cutting costs: Managing Your Budget

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Venue16 Bubleik, Beirut, Badaro, Lebanon



Badaro 4916 bldg, 5th fl, Museum str
Beirut, Badaro, Lebanon
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Join our reading gathering on how to manage your budget and prevent bad practices in budget cuts. This discussion will be led by Acquisition Expert In Real Estate & Restaurants sectors Patrick Bradford based on the book:

Good to Great:

Chances are, when someone is promoted to their first management role, it will be the first time they manage a department budget.

Most new managers receive little or no formal training in how to develop a budget forecast, track their expenses, or how to make mid-year adjustments. They are often handed a spreadsheet or report from their manager, or the finance department, and expected to know how to do it, or learn by trial and error.

While “trial and error” can be an effective way to learn a new skill, it would be better if a new manager didn’t have to make too many painful errors.

The Agenda:

6:45 to 7:00   Socializing   😊
7:00 to 7:30 - Introduction curator and every one else
7:30 to 8:00 - What is a budget group discussion and definition presentation
8:00 to 8:10 – Enhancing budget ( using leverage from the book and, a related true story example)
8:10 to 8:20 - Applying the correspondent tool ( using the right technology from the book and, a related true story example)
8:20 to 8:35 - Group discussion and, "could payroll be an option" discussion
8:35 to 8:40  Tips and gifts
8:40 to 8:45 - Conclusion discussion and revealing the curator's opinion
8:45 to 09:15 – AchieveBox & Feedback Survey & Certificates

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