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MakerBrane Creator Talks 02 - Bassam Jalgha & Hassane Slaibi

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MakerBrane Creator Talks is a free monthly informal and interactive event, an open platform where creators share their work and inspiration with the public.

In this edition, Bassam Jalgha and Hassane Slaibi - makers, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs - went from playing music together at university to inventing and launching innovative products at Band Industries, including the Roadie Tuner. They will take us through the challenges and excitement of bringing an idea to life and to market: from designing in Beirut, manufacturing in China, to selling all over the world.


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Getting to the event:

You can take a cab, service, or van #4 to Becharah el Khoury, or park at the visitor parking at Beirut Digital District. Map coordinates are: Nassif Yazigi Street 33.891667, 35.505448.



MakerBrane is a creative platform for both designing and building toys.  If you're an inventor, creator, or maker, or just want to have fun  building crazy mashups - you'll love it.

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