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TBA, Lebanon


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And so they ask…why electronic music?

We are proving that techno music is alive more than ever! 

Chronicles has brought in a new concept to meet local DJs in Beirut; creating a coveted hub for the techno scene in Lebanon. The concept introduces itself, a “RendezVous”, broadcasting a 2 Hour live set to a massive crowd worldwide. “RendezVous” gives local DJs the necessary international and local exposure; while reaching out to the digital world, and offering a mesmerizing level of breakthrough.

The amount of Talent found in Beirut is beyond your imagination. Chronicles is offering this platform to break boundaries and expose your music. Be many and uncover your talent.

RendezVous Concept

Music episodes for the digital age.

Chronicles broadcast weekly Techno live sessions from all over Lebanon to a large digital community. Thus the concept of “RendezVous” began, sharing a whole new experience in the Middle East by opening doors into alleviated sounds and melodies of local artists. With an aim of gathering techno lovers and connecting them through a single message of “Love, Peace and Music”.

“RendezVous” allows the beauty of techno to expand, all focus on the sounds and music the bass creates, and that is what techno is all about. It’s the music for the body that you simply can’t help but move to its rhythms.

This shared participation has redrawn a map for the techno culture giving a chance to expose yourself and enjoy the music with a fan base that’s much bigger than you.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Support your local DJ by dancing and letting loose.
  • You will receive a response letter to your RSVP within 2 days upon registration.
  • Registration doesn’t guarantee entry.
  • Be on time!

And when they ask you, why electronic music? Tell them the love for techno music is all about the vibes and the culture behind it. The need to dance is not always there, but the music has its way to keep you interested.



"What matters is that we keep doing our part, to bring positive vibes to the city and area we live and party in, and that we welcome those who come for the love of music!"

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