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Astrophotography Workshop

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Soha Village Resort, Falougha, Lebanon


Soha Village Resort

Soha Village Resort, Falougha
Falougha, Lebanon
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Join us for a one of a kind workshop that will give you all the basics required to spring you right into astrophotography. After the workshop you will be able to capture stunning starscapes that include galaxies, nebulae, and deep sky objects using even basic equipment.

We will provide you with a deep understanding of how imaging equipment work, how noise functions and how to suppress it, an understanding of shooting astronomy targets and a guide to chosing the best equipment.

Whether you are an amateur photographer, an enthusiast for astronomy or even a professional or advanced level photography expert, you will leave the workshop with a new set of rich tools and techniques.

We'll take you on a walk to understand deeply how to navigate thru the night skies, with insights on understanding weather, the nature / environment around you, and the skies to maximize results, enjoyment of the night skies.

We will merge ancient knowledge with cutting edge tech, combining the wisdom of the shepherds, with that of deep learning, in a ride to make the universe well known.

The workshop objectives are the following:

  • Be able to properly navigate nature, weather, the skies, the plants around you to maximize your understanding of the location.
  • Be able to properly plan for a widefield astrophotography session, understand the flow of the sky, it's major objects.
  • Be able to combat light pollution constraints, from planning to post.- Understand the image processing chain, from photon capture to final image.
  • Understand noise, it's basic nature, and how to suppress it.
  • Understand our cultural relation to astronomy / astrophotography.
  • Learn how to capture the Milky Way even from Beirut.
  • Understand the future of astrophotography, between deep learning and adaptive optics.

The number of attendees is very limited, to reserve your place early.- Transportation to the mountain location will be via car pooling, any participant with no means of transportation can contact us at most one week before the workshop so that we secure transport for them.Ticket price for the workshop is $120 per attendee

Reservations are on Ihjoz, are nonrefundable, payments after requesting the tickets can be paid at Malik's Bookshop, all branches or Khoury Home.

Requirements: DSLR, tripod, soulful.

The meeting point in Beirut will be in Jdeideh, detailed instructions given a couple of days before the workshop on the registered email.

Ever clear skies,




Astronomy musings with a twist from Beirut, Lebanon.
Astronomers Without Borders affiliate.

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