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Overcome Your Limitations

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Thrive Center, beirut, Lebanon


Thrive Center

ashkar building 1st floor, Horsh Tabet
beirut, Lebanon


Horsh Tabet Area, 200 Meters after Horsh Tabet Garden, there's Horsh Tabet Pharmacy, we are located in the same building on the first floor.
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An Introduction for "Create Your Future" Workshop

Are u in a phase in your life where you feel uncertain about your future? Limited by so many challenges? Lost and so is your motivation?

Do you want to create a better future for yourself? Do you feel the urge to fulfill your purpose?

If you still have that gut feeling pushing you to change your life, to change your perspective of life and create healthier habits, join our introductory session on Wednesday 17th of January 2018 from 7:00 p.m – 9:00 p.m at Thrive center in Horsh Tabet .

The reasons why we think you should be part of our introductory session are:

- first help you understand and overcome all the limitations that sabotaged all your previous attempts;

- second to help you take the decision that your future self will thank you for;

- and finally to explore how, our unique "Create your Future workshop", will be the first milestone in creating the future you deserve.

The objective of this introductory session emphasizes on introducing the objectives of our three months workshop "create your future". A workshop working with small groups based on building concrete steps and tailored solutions to change your lives for a better future.

This workshop will be targeting the following:

  • Deep self-exploration
  • Identify your strength and weaknesses
  • Create behaviors to overcome your weakness and embrace your strength
  • Maintain a discipline that aligns with your purpose
  • Choose your life experiences
  • Craft your growth plan

  • The workshop will be given by our Certified life & Career Coach Ms. Clara Nader. She is the founder and managing partner of ALTO Ltd., a coaching and consultancy firm that is striving to make a change in the Lebanese and Middle Eastern market; Clara guided hundreds of teenagers, youths and adults, helping them through academic difficulties, personal development, self exploration, and career & life transitions.


    Who will benefit from this workshop?

    -Those who aspire to change their life

    - Those who desire self-exploration

    -Those who are ready to create their future

    Registration fees are 20$. Seats are limited reserve yours ASAP.

    For Resevations and more information to contact us via email:

    phone +961 3 983 787 ; +961 70 867 634 ; +961 71 070 405.



    A combination of experts from different backgrounds with a common mission. Our aim is to help, guide, coach, consult you to become the ultimate version of yourself by unleashing your full potential on a Mental, Physical, & Spiritual level.

    Thrive is your coaching space towards self-realization.Our holistic approach is a life-changing experience assisting you to grow into your best. We are here to boost your mind, body and career through our tailored packages.Thrive center is the only place that assembles this wide range of services and combines them to present to you a multidisciplinary approach to self development and assistance:

    - Life/Career Coaching 

    - Relationship Coaching 

    - Executive and leadership Coaching

    - Therapy & Consultancy services 

    - Manual Therapy and acupuncture services

    - Energetic and healing services

    - Nutrition Services with a twist

    - Personal Development Seminars, Workshops and Trainings.

    Having your best interest in mind and at the heart of our work, our Competent Experts' mission is to present to you the best combination of services.

    For more information; do not hesitate to call us on 71/07 04 05 or check our facebook page: thrivecenterlb

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