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Cashflow Management for Creative People

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Taika Ström Studio, Beirut, Lebanon


Taika Ström Studio

1, St Lois
Beirut, Lebanon
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Running a design studio or freelancing? Or planning to embark on the independent life? One of the key elements to running a successful creative business (be it an agency, studio or a freelance practice) is to have a good grip on your money. How much do you need to cover your basic costs? How much do you need to make a profit? Where is your money going and where is it coming from? How many projects and what kind do you need in order to break-even, make profit and strive?

Sure, you can get an accountant to help you with all this (and you should !) but having a good understanding of the financial concepts will only improve the financial wellness of your business and give you the right tools to make grounded decisions.

This is going to be a hands-on workshop during which everyone will:

  • create their own cash flow management template (I will share what works for my business and how I do that, encouraging everyone to find their own method.)
  • calculate their fixed monthly costs
  • create a system that calculates the profit / taxes and all that jazz
  • determine the needed revenue to break even
  • determine the needed revenue to make a profit
  • create a system to determine the pricing
  • create a pipeline management system
We will be working with colors, excel document (bring your laptop!) and sticky notes, keeping the whole process simple and visual. Just what visual people like :)

Join me, it is going to be fun despite the subject matter!

Who will you learn with?

Egle Karalyte is the founder of Taika Ström, a brand consultancy serving clients in Paris, Beirut, Casablanca and Barcelona. She has lived in 7 cities (New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Casablanca, Santiago de Chile and Beirut) and had to relaunch her business 7 times. She learned to swim in new waters time and again, adapting to audiences, cultures and the unwritten rules of business. Egle will share her personal experience and lessons learnt while serving her clients.

Egle is also the co-founder of My Visual Brief and founder of Graines de Soleil.

She enjoys sharing her experience via workshops, which she has already organised in Google Campus in London, Paris Telecom, Startup Chile, Technopark in Casablanca, Beirut Digital District, Antwork, Agrytech Beirut, and AR_KA.


Taika Ström

Taika Ström is all about finding your flow and distilling it into a strategic plan for your brand. We help leaders, brands and cities step out into the surf in search of ways to grow, evolve and express their authenticity.

Ride the wave with us and let's shape your brand into an experience that pulls your people onto your highway like a siren's

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