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Wickerpark Music Festival 2017

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 DAOU GARDEN, Batroun, Lebanon



Daou Garden, Bayader Street/Street 2
Batroun, Lebanon
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Wickerpark is a grassroots alternative festival. Over the past 6 years it has managed to become a milestone in the independent festival experience in Lebanon. With modest beginnings and a steadfast commitment to alternative culture, each year we work towards creating a festival as remarkable as we can for our audience. The bands, artists, collaborations and program as a whole adhere to our philosophy. Thus far we have accommodated more than 17,000 attendees, 77 bands, and 150 artists and performers, not to mention a long list of NGOs, activists, promoters, and independent ventures, all committed to our vision.

The location remains the most unique feature of the festival as it takes place in a field next to the founders' beach house in the coastal city of Batroun (55 km north of Beirut), which contributes to the family atmosphere of the festival.

Wickerpark now plays a very unique role in the dynamics of alternative culture in Lebanon. We feel a degree of responsibility in introducing new sounds (local, regional and international) within high production standards to our audience. Wickerpark is considered to be the most laidback, affordable and rewarding live-music experience in the country.

Our team is lead by Soul Arch, a collective of young entrepreneurs with experience in communication, design, multimedia engineering and event production. It is backed by a long list of volunteers/friends and the participation of the artistic, environmental and social communities.

This Years' edition:

Date & Time:
9th of September / 4:00pm

Place: Batroun, Daou Garden

Festival pass: 30$


Who Killed Bruce Lee
The Bunny Tylers
Hello Psychaleppo
Alko B
Chyno x Al Rajul Al Hadidi


Ziad Nawfal
Roland Ragi

Festivities are an essential part to our festival, as we have the chance to reach out to the social and artistic community through NGOs, activists, independent initiatives and outdoor activities that adhere with our philosophy. In addition to its diversity in historical sites, Batroun is known to provide many marine activities. In addition to all this, an off-festival program will be taking place throughout that weekend.

\More details coming soon/



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