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Clay Modeling Workshop - From Sketch to Creation

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Beirut Digital District - BDD1280, Beirut, Lebanon


Beirut Digital District - BDD1280

BDD1280, Bechara El Khoury
Beirut, Lebanon
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Learn to sketch your character and sculpt it in clay with professional designers, as they take you step by step through this first, fun and easy sculpture project.

Even if you can't imagine becoming great at character sculpting, this workshop will help you advance because you will learn the entire process step by step.


The creation of animated characters begins after the completion of a story. Transforming a 2D sketched character into a 3D figurine using modeling clay allows for the creators to get a 360° view of their character.

During the workshop, you will be working on modeling your clay figurine, focusing on forms, features, and adding personality to your character. Then, you will be combining hands-on and digital techniques by photographing your character using professional equipment.


- Creating a mini back-story to drive the 'look' of your character

- Setting up the base: building block shapes, Gesture, stick figure, drawing through the shape, fleshing out the character.

- Anatomy techniques

- Giving the character more personality: shape, contrast, attire, being true to his back-story

- Focusing on its characteristics and features

- Sketching the character you want to create


- Creating a skeleton for our lovely character using wires and aluminum foil

- Covering up the character


- Have a deeper understanding of character design

- Learn to prepare them for animation/stopmotion


10:30 Registration

11:00 Sketching Techniques

12:15 Coffee break

12:30 Clay Modeling

14:00 Lunch break

14:30 Clay Modeling

16:00 Wrap-up for the day

16:30 Certificates


All attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance.


All attendants will get takeaways materials and return gifts.


ALL INCLUSIVE - Nominal Fees

Standard fees 30 $
Students* 22 $
Early bird 22 $
ISOC members* 22 $
LGDS members* 22 $
Groups 20 $

* For Online Registration, please contact us to get the code.
* For Entrance Registration, do not forget to bring your ID card with you.


Brain Al Balad

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