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Managing difficult people: workshop for leaders and salesforces

Timedate16 No upcoming event dates

Venue16 Co-opain مِفتاحك عِنّا, Jdeideh, Lebanon


Co-opain مِفتاحك عِنّا

Maalouf Center, 2nd floor, Centrale Street
Jdeideh, Lebanon
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Learn how to discover and deal with people who can stand in your way and block your success.

They are everywhere, they can demotivate your employees, post bad reviews, frustrate sales team and create negative impact.

Who will benefit?
This course is of value to managers, supervisors, customer service and call line staff who handle the following:
1. Aggressive and angry and customers
2. Hostile negotiators
3. Conflict with colleagues and other departments
4. Aggressive and hostile behavior from senior colleagues and
5. Defensive and angry reactions from team members when
reviewing performance
6. Continual negativity from colleagues and project team

Delegates will learn how to:
1. Develop specific strategies for conflict resolution
2. Recognize classic profiles of difficult people and strategies for
handling them
3. Pre-empt challenging situations and avoid escalating them
4. Develop communication skills designed to improve your
delivery of bad or unpleasant news
5. Recognize personality types with which you may clash
6. Develop assertive skills and behaviors
7. Handle aggressive behavior
8. Deliver negative feedback to a colleague or subordinate
9. Give positive feedback
10. Calm angry, upset and unresponsive individuals

Workshop outlines
1. Who are Difficult People? Where are they?
2. Difficult Interactions in the Workplace
3. Behaviors & Ethics
4. Analyze and recognize the causes behind difficult behaviors
5. Understand the role of our own communication style plays in
managing difficult people
6. Types of Difficult People & How to deal with them?
7. Difficult interactions: Barriers & Strategies
8. Mediation
9. Role play
10. Q & A

Price 240 $
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Co-opain مِفتاحك عِنّا

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Who we are

Co-opain is an NGO concerned with the housing crisis in Lebanon. Our main focus is to create a healthy and strong housing cooperative sector. Co-opain is supposed to be the major motivator, stimulator, educator and match maker that lead people into participating in Coops. Coops are pillars to create & sustain development.

What is a housing cooperative?

A housing cooperative is a "Non for profit" residential project. It is built by its own future residents, not by developers from the private sector. A housing coop is a moral person that benefits from multiple fiscal exemptions. The beneficiaries are not building the project for resale at profit as it is forbidden by the law. They are only building for the purpose of occupying the apartments themselves as a primary residence. They don't seek profit; they only aim to ameliorate their well-being in a decent way. Partnership does not make them entrepreneurs but holders of their own destiny.

Why coops needs CO-OPAIN?

Regular people are not experts regarding construction, finances, and the law. They don't know how to manage a construction project on their own. We do all the followings:

  • 1.Match making between beneficiaries
  • 2.Searching and finding good lands
  • 3.Feasibility study and permit file
  • 4.Explanation of the "Nizam" and housing coops law
  • 5.Help them get financial approvals
  • 6.Follow up for the entire project until finished
  • 7.Legal expertise (lawyer)
  • 8.Audit and cash flow monitoring (auditor)
  • 9.Hiring professional construction managers to handle the costing, drawings and execution of the project
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