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Talks with No Label - Make A Change. Follow Your Dreams.

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Venue16 UK Lebanon Tech Hub, Beirut, Lebanon


UK Lebanon Tech Hub

Berytech, Bechara Khoury
Beirut, Lebanon


Beirut Digital District, BeryTech Digital Park Beirut, Lebanon T. 009611669040
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Make A Change. Follow Your Dreams.

Thursday, May 26 2016

UK Lebanon Tech Hub

Attend the first edition of our "Talks with No Label" to be inspired from real life stories of individuals who are influential in their community!

Be inspired towards following your dreams, passion and visions by hearing the stories of people who were able to make a change by doing what they love to do the most.

Through Talks with No Label, we want to help you realize your goals and create the path you should take!

Our Speakers:

  • Assaad Thebian
  • Daneel Sayegh
  • Nour El Assaad
  • Mohamed Abbas
  • Nicolas Mir
  • Ghaleb Hawila
  • Ahmad Khattab

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About the Speakers:

Assaad Thebian - Assad's story goes way before co-founding the YouStink movement in 2015; it is a story of perseverance and hard work to overcome a lot of difficulties growing up.

Daneel Sayegh - Daneel's story is a simple story of a man who loved the art of music and making sound and defying odds to actually teaching himself how to be a professional percussionist.

Nour El Assaad - An actual story that started with a past experience from Bullying, Nour El Assaad will share her story back from school and what made her the young woman she is now. Nour is also the president and founder of No Label NGO.

Mohamad Abbas - Dr. Mohamed Abbas is one of the few astronomers in Lebanon, and the youngest. He is the founder and CEO of 'The Cosmic Dome Planetarium' which is a collection of portable dome-shaped planetariums which use the most advanced 360° projection systems. Mohamad built the planetariums himself.

Nicolas Mir - Nicolas is the most youngest and ambitious. He represents a current story in the making. Nicolas story started with bullying when he wanted to escape the bullying and discovered he is interested in the world of tech and soon after started learning how to code, alone, at the age of 13, even less.

Ghaleb Hawila - Ghaleb Amin Hawila the 23 year old designer who brought back the term "Calligrapher". He is breathing life into an old art form, taking it everywhere from the streets to people's bodies.

Ahmad Khattab - The story of Ahmad is very inspirational, Ahmad is fully recovered from substance abuse. His addiction started at a young age of 13 years old and lasted almost 15 years. Ahmad Khattab is the founder and president of Cedar Rehabilitation Center, established in 2011.


No Label NGO


No Label NGO, is the first Lebanese anti-bullying non-profit in the region founded in August 2015. We are the most ambitious anti-bullying organization you'll ever meet!

To date, the entire MENA suffers from lack of awareness in bullying and other child development issues which we tackle as an NGO.

A lot of young people have come forward and discussed how bullying affected their lives, whether they were in its direct circle or they knew someone who had to go through this.

No Label raises awareness on bullying, the importance of bullying prevention and its techniques through developing programs and curriculums that create bully free zones, anywhere!

Our Mission:

  1. No Label is dedicated to govern all educational institutions and stakeholders with endless knowledge towards bullying prevention (and related issues), creating bully free zones and bringing up individuality among all.
  2. Our NGO aims to shed light on the importance of mental health in developmental psychology among all individuals.

Our vision:

To become the pioneer in bullying prevention in Lebanon and the MENA.

What we do:

Basically, we make a change!

We want to work against the fact that there are individuals still experiencing bullying.

We work with individuals who are bullied, who bully, the parents and the educators.



Tell Stories


Create Awareness

Offer continuous and effective support

Visit our website for more details and info

Got a question? Email us on

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