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Windsurfing Kids Lebanon

Timedate16 from Saturday, June 23, 2018 09:00 to Monday, October 15, 2018 14:00

Venue16 Windsurfing Kids Lebanon, Chekka, Lebanon


Type Price ihjoz fees* Quantity
Windsurfing Kids Lebanon - 1hour coaching

Reservation is a must

In case of bad weather or very windy weather the date will be postponed

Arrive 10 min. earlier

$35.00 $2.07

Send order confirmation and tickets by email


Windsurfing Kids Lebanon

0, Zireh al zaroub
Chekka, Lebanon


After crossing the Chekka tunnel to Tripoly direction, and once you reach the Chekka exit, take the old road facing Fransabank and near Hotel Saint Froincois to reach the Chekka public beach Zireh Al Zaroub
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Windsurfing lessons for kids & adults (Beginners)

Ages: from 5 & up to 70 years old 

Windsurf coaching: 

You will learn the early basic skills on a windsurf board safely, learn about the wind and how to sail on a windsurf board in a very safe way and place.

Wind direction, Up-haul & down-haul the sail, body position, basic stance, balancing, open & close the sail, going & stopping etc…

Windsurf Equipment:

- Specialized soft deck boards and small & light sails are designed to make learning safe, easy and fun.

*Free rental of our lycra t-shirts, PFD (personal floating devices or life jackets and helmets)


  • Swimsuit
  • Cap
  • Sun protection
  • Towel
  • Changing clothes
  • Water
  • Booties or Water shoes

- An application form with a waiver to be filled & signed by the parent with a copy of the personal ID

- Transportation, resort entrance, beach set up (chairs, tables & umbrellas), parking, breakfast & lunch are excluded or upon request.

**Real price for the windsurf coaching is 65$/hour, its discounted to 35$/hour.

N.B: In case of bad weather or very windy weather the date will be postponed


Windsurfing Kids Lebanon

Windsurfing Kids Lebanon is an Amateur Sports Team

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